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You will see from the previous post that I have kicked off my first group on the Tarot Food Plan, I am absolutely delighted to announce that between 7 of us, a staggering 34lb was lost in the first week!

It is even more of a blessing that one of the things keeping us on track is the use of the daily card, using the card to guide the food source and allow them to tap in to the card meaning on an emotional level. When they feel like they are going to ‘wobble’ the card takes over and lets them recognise and work with the issue in hand.

Let us see what this week brings, but from what I am experiencing is a group of motivated ladies wanting to lose weight for a host of reasons, not just well being and health but yes, we are allowed to want to look and feel amazing whatever our age, and for many women looking in a mirror and not liking what we see is a huge issue.    Here on the Tarot Food Plan we are truly sorting ourselves out on every level.  I can honestly say after feeling like crap for a few months now, these ladies are a true inspiration.  Roll on skinny jeans!!