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TarotScopes for 2018

Aries- 10 Swords – You mind is working overtime, this card represents endings, so what do you need to release to make the New Year work for you? Surrender yourself by releasing the worries which are holding you back. Deal with them, and do it NOW. This is a perfect time to deal head on with your worries or anything which burdens you ready to embrace the new energy of 2018

Taurus- Ace of Cups – Are you allowing blessings to flow in to your life or are you blocking what is meant to be yours by thinking negatively? Aim high and allow your thoughts and energy to flow, the energy of this card has the power to bring many blessings to you. Aim to do what you love this year allow you heart and soul to connect in harmony, then you will find your true purpose.

Gemini- 9 Pentacles – If you are experiencing a difficult time, look back on 2017 and see how much you have actually accomplished, you will be surprised as to how much progress has been made. The ground work has been done for new projects and ideas to come to fruition in 2018, you are just need to look harder!

Cancer- Queen of Pentacles – If you have had to be frugal with your finances, it is time for a little indulgence, after all you deserve it! Home, family and special friendships are important this year. Time to let go of toxic people in your life and surround yourself with those who genuinely care about you.

Leo- 4 Swords – It is likely you have experienced a stressful year and therefore need to find ways to relax and recharge. It is important that you ground yourself before making any major changes. If you are able to do this you will be able to view the issue in a new and more positive light. If a stressful problem has been ongoing try using a different tactic. Too much thinking and not enough action may play a part in prolonging the agony.

Virgo- 9 Wands – This is likely to be a difficult start to the year as luck does not seem to have been on your side. However, don’t despair, often situations such as this can be the beginning of our greatest achievements as, when the situation turns in your favour, you will understand why so many obstacles were put in your path. It is important to remind yourself why you are doing all you can. You may be feeling defensive, and feel the need to protect yourself, but don’t push away those with good intentions who may be able to help you.

Libra- Justice – What do you need to do to bring your new year in to balance? Look at your options, it may involve signing contracts for a job, new home etc. The message is for you to tie up loose ends. Do this in January and you will feel like a huge weight has been lifted, this will enable you to get on with 2018 with a light heart and positive attitude.

Scorpio- 6 Cups – Friendship and family matters take priority in 2018. A situation where family and friends gather is likely. The energy of this card suggest you may need to pick up the phone, send an e mail or write a letter to an old friend. 2018 has the potential to be filled with many surprises so don’t stress, just go with the flow.

Sagittarius- Death – A very appropriate card as we come to the end of the year, time to release the old, let go and start to believe in yourself. If 2017 has been a rollercoaster ride for you, now is the time to expect better. What is done is done, and what has gone is gone, new beginnings await, and from here on in it should be a smooth ride!

Capricorn- 3 Pentacles – open the bubbly and raise a glass or two, it is time to let your hair down. Good news awaits in 2018. There could be news of a baby, marriage or something you have been waiting for, looks like the wait will soon be over. You have faced some difficult challenges in 2017, but at last Lady Luck is coming to find you.

Aquarius – Wheel of Fortune- Although represents opportunity and good fortune, it is also a card of choices and consequences. If you are facing a dilemma, think seriously about your choices as your fate is your hands. It is important that you take control of your destiny, only spend what you can afford as you get your finances back on track. You can still have a wonderful year without major extravagance!

Pisces- Knight Wands- This card can be inspiring, if things have been in limbo for a while, the Knight of Wands will help get things moving. However, on a personal note try to avoid family conflict, this card suggests you may need to stand up for your principles and what you believe to be true, though make sure you have all the facts before rushing headlong in to a situation which will require more energy than is really needed.