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Hello and welcome to my new page, I am so excited about my Tarot Food Plan I feel like I have discovered the Golden Chalice!

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Have you ever wondered what stops you from achieving your goals and prevents you from looking in the mirror feeling good and proud about yourself?   Maybe there was a trigger which knocked your confidence, did something happen which is so deeply rooted it had the power to stop you being the best you can be?  Are you aware that Tarot is your trusted friend and can help you to break the mould of negativity.  Having personally lost 20lbs in weight using the Tarot Food Plan and allowing the cards to guide me daily, my life has changed forever and for the better.  

1.  Our wellbeing should be our most important goal. Busy lives, stressful work and toxic people are all part of the process which contribute to allowing you to feel  insecure.   Deal with these issues and you are half way to happiness. This is easier than you think.

2. Losing weight is not just about the food, it is about the emotional baggage we hold on to throughout our lives which prevents us from being who we choose to be.  Food is a comfort, the need to over eat is related to low self-esteem and lack of control.

3. We are intelligent individuals, deep down we all know we are wonderful and wise. Age and experience are a bonus which we often do not acknowledge, discover that  YOU are your wisest friend.

4. Tarot is our companion, we trust the cards with guidance, often dealing with some of our greatest challenges. Why not trust Tarot with our body and wellbeing?  

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Let me show you how it works.

This  workshop ‘Wellbeing, Weight Loss and Wisdom through Tarot’, will help you discover if you are truly ready to change the way you currently live your life. If it is time for you to give up being second best, lose weight and make changes, then do not miss out on first hand experience on taking control.   With the help of the cards I will guide you to lose weight healthily and use the tarot for daily emotional guidance.  This is life changing stuff.  Nothing faddy, just common sense and guidance from our trusted cards.  I promise it WORKS.

Let me take you through the process of being guided by the cards which know you well, what to eat and why, and how you can shift those unwanted pounds and dump the baggage which stops you being the person you choose to be and finally allow your light to shine!

You do not have to be a Tarot Card reader to benefit from this experience.

For a one to one consultation please click here http://psychiccafe.co.uk/digital-goods/

Email for details and cost or download the E book for a 7 day kick starter plan here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wellbeing-Weight-Wisdom-through-Tarot-ebook/dp/B01IWR5TM6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1473105823&sr=8-2&keywords=kim+arnold

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