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Spring TarotScopes 2018

Pisces- Ace of Cups – Emotions are running high this month, however, this is the start of a new and positive phase for you. Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by other peoples demands, this is a time for your to realise your needs both emotionally and physically. If you are looking for love, it may well be around the corner!

Aries- 3 Pentacles– Hard work and effort will pay off this month. Even if you feel your efforts are not appreciated, someone is watching from the side-lines admiring your work. New and exciting challenges could appear in the near future, so, keep up the good work!

Taurus- 6 Swords – If you are dealing with emotional issues, it is time to let go and move on from the past and plan for your future. What is done is done, but being able to move forward is a huge leap for you right now, take a deep breath, everything is ok, the worst is behind you, embrace the good times ahead.

Gemini- Queen of Pentacles – If you have had to be frugal with your finances and time, it is time for a little indulgence, after all you deserve it! Your energy may have been taken up with other people’s needs recently, and maybe you need to put boundaries in place before you end up out of energy!

Cancer- 10 Cups – The focus this month is around family. This is a positive card so any worries you may have about a loved one will soon pass and any issues resolved. There is a feeling of balance and harmony, gatherings and plans for the future and imminent.

Leo- 9 Cups – Look back on what you have achieved in the past, you should be very proud. However, time now to build for a stronger future. With this card it is sometimes said to be careful what you wish for, you might get it. So make plans and dare to dream, it is likely you will achieve your desired outcome.

Virgo- The Magician– Opportunities are waiting for you, but you may need to pull on different resources to achieve the outcome you wish. Try not to be distracted with tasks which are not useful or beneficial to you. You have all the tools you need to make your dreams become reality. Possibly time to choose a new path rather than be unfulfilled with your current direction

Libra- Three Wands – You are in a position of strength as you are able to control what happens around you. You are being encouraged to dream beyond your current limitations. Now is the time to reach for the stars as with a new found confidence you can achieve anything.

Scorpio- Knight of Pentacles – Although you may feel you are carrying a lot of responsibility at the moment, you are coping remarkably well. This month you should be feeling very assertive, a good time to get those jobs done and tie up loose ends.

Sagittarius- The Sun– Family and brighter issues are highlighted this month. This card can represent breakthrough. At long last your hard work will feel like it is paying off. When the energy of the Sun card appears in a reading, everything is on its way to becoming brighter!

Capricorn- Page of Wands – You should feel energised and ready for action this month. This is a great time for making progress. You may be emerging from a difficult phase in your life, but from this month onwards you will start to see a marked improvement as issues begin to clear and lift ready for a new positive phase.

Aquarius – 5 Wands – Issues around work may have been a bit of a battle ground recently and you having to defend your actions or work harder than ever to prove yourself. The frustration will pass but maybe there will have to be a compromise with yourself or others will have to be reached before harmony is restored. Wands are always about action, what do you need to do right now?