TarotScopes September 2018 by Kim Arnold

Pisces- Temperance- If you are normally assertive, you may find yourself in an unusually dithery mood this month. If you are unsure about your next move, then do nothing if this is an option. However, Temperance will guide you, try meditating to seek the answers and guidance you require from within.

Aries- Ace of Swords- If you have been thinking about embarking on a new project or change of direction, now is a great time for new adventures. Time to cut free from the ties that bind you, be brave and bold, only you are holding yourself back! It is time for you to shine your light, be heard and be seen. Stop hiding from you potential.

Taurus- High Priestess- Your intuitive nature is working overtime this month. Slow down, listen and find time to be quiet. Spirit is trying to communicate with you but you are distracted with everyday issues. You may be feeling overloaded with issues, is there anything you can change? Remember, if you listen to your heart, the answers will come.

Gemini- The Devil-You may feel overwhelmed with responsibility or worries this month. Take a deep breath and start to work out a plan to enable you to ‘escape’ from the ties which bind. There is always a way forward, once you face up to the facts, the issues will not seem so overwhelming. If there is someone who is putting pressure on you, try and put boundaries in place before it gets out of hand.

Cancer- 9 Swords – You may feel anxious this month, problems may feel like they are getting out of control. Find someone you can trust and talk to about whatever is concerning you now, a problem shared can most definitely be a problem halved. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, face your fears, they may not be as bad as you think!

Leo- The Lovers- September could bring good news if you are dealing with emotional issues. If you are looking for love this could be an excellent time to seek out your soul mate. This card can also relate to family issues, on the negative side maybe you are dealing with a difficult relationship close to your heart. Try not to become entangled in other peoples issues, no matter how much you might care for them.

Virgo- The Star- Letting go of the old way of life and welcoming in a new energy is on your mind. Think how you can achieve your greatest goal, what action do you need to take, what do you need to release before a new start can happen? It may be easier than you think to change everything! If you have any health concerns (however minor they may seem) this is a good time to get yourself checked out.

Libra- 6 Wands – Opportunities will surface this month. It feels like things are finally falling in to place. A great month to plan ahead, get the energy flowing and feel excitement for the future. If you have felt distracted and unmotivated of late, it is time to get a grip on life and move forward positively.

Scorpio- 6 Swords- It may feel like you have been battling against the tide for some time now. This is the time to deal with emotional issues, and if need be walk away from destructive people. It may mean making difficult choices but who needs negative people in their lives? There is someone close able to advise you, don’t be afraid to ask.

Sagittarius- Ace of Pentacles- The need for stability is important right now as are your financial affairs. New opportunities which will bring long term security may manifest this month, although you may have to be proactive in aiding the process. Stability and opportunity await, make the most of this positive energy.

Capricorn-2 Wands – A reflective mood this month, maybe you are thinking of travel, moving house or wishing you were somewhere else. You may not be in a position to make major changes right now, but you can dream and make plans. However, it is time to plan to step out of your comfort zone, go on …. you know you want too.

Aquarius – The Hermit – Time to retreat and reflect on the choices you have. Your life may feel like it has been moving at a hectic pace through no fault of your own, you need to slow down. Peoples demands on your time and energy may be getting you down. The Hermit advises you take time for yourself to replenish your strength and quiet your mind.