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July Tarot Scope by Kim Arnold

July 2016 by Kim Arnold

NB:  The day of the EU  referendum result (24/6/2016) added up to 21 The World/3 The Empress.  Whatever your dreams, desires, worries or fears are for the future of this land, stay strong, these cards suggest all will be ok  

Pisces- Four Coins: Focus only on challenges which are likely to lead somewhere. Time to prioritise and get the flow back in to your life, you may have been isolated lately, get out there, contact old friends and start living!

AriesThe Magician: Work issues will be of importance this month, maybe you are thinking of changing your job or looking for a new challenge, either way, you must believe in your capabilities and find the confidence to make the right choices.

Taurus- Five Swords:  Possible conflict and challenges may arise this month. Keep calm and allow difficult issues to blow over.  Someone close may be sparking for an argument, do not rise to the bait, control of your emotions is a powerful source.

Gemini- Seven Cups: Hidden issues may surface this month.  My advice is to trust your intuition, you are likely to be right with your suspicions.  On the surface life is pretty ok just now, but action is required to clear the air.

CancerNine Swords: Even though you are celebrating your birthday, you may feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, the time has come to make plans to help you sort out your issues. If other people are causing you sleepless nights, it is time to sort it!

LeoThe Devil: You may feel bogged down with responsibility and burden.  Regarding the current ties that bind you, are they of your making?  How difficult would the consequences be if you released these burdens? Remember you are in control of your destiny!

VirgoAce Swords: New projects are on the horizon.  Time for a new start and release yourself from negative influences.  However, to achieve success make sure your intentions and clear and focused. Ventures started now, could mark the start of a very positive era.

LibraPage of Cups:  This may be the beginning of a creative venture or new relationship. You are finally turning the frustrating corner which has been holding you back.  Enjoy the months ahead, a new opportunity is coming!

Scorpio- Knight of Swords: Do not doubt your intention, this card has a forceful energy which will enable you to act with speed in any event or situation.  You may have a habit of over thinking, less dithering and more action is now called for.

SagittariusWheel of Fortune; This represents good fortune, however, is also a card of choices and consequences. You may face a dilemma, think seriously about your choices as your fate is your hands, take control and you could change your life for the better!

Capricorn- Eight Coins: July has the potential to be a very productive month. Focus on what is important right now and you will have the opportunity and energy to fulfil any outstanding tasks. This may also be a good month to find alternative ways of making money!

Aquarius – The Lovers: July could bring romantic issues to the surface.  If you are looking for love this could be an excellent time to seek out your soul mate.  If you are in a relationship, be adventurous, indulge yourselves and enjoy quality time together.