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August 2016 Tarot Scope by Kim Arnold

Aries– 10 Cups – Family issues are at the forefront this month.  If you have been experiencing conflict in family relationships, now is the time to settle disputes.  This card represents fulfilment in relationships.  Spending time with friends and family are likely this month, a fun card of security and joy.

Taurus– 9 Swords – You may feel anxious this month, problems may feel like they are getting out of control.  There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, face your fears, they may not be as bad as you think. I often call this the 3am card, probably you are not sleeping well. Try and calm your mind before bed, things will pass.

Gemini– Temperance – You need some time and healing to enable you to reconnect with yourself and others.  Try putting yourself at the top of your ‘important person’ list and learn to say ‘NO’ to those who take advantage of your good nature.  Creating balance in your life is important right now, allow your heart and soul to become one to truly connect to what is important now.

Cancer– 8 Cups – Issues which have been troubling you now need to be sorted.  If you feel you are hanging on to negative energy or have a situation which has been ongoing, you must now seek answers to enable you to move forward in a positive manner.

Leo– High Priestess – Your intuitive nature is working overtime this month.  Take time to meditate, or connect with the earth by taking a walk on the beach or in the woods.  Spirit is trying to communicate with you but you are distracted with everyday issues.

Virgo– 6 Wands- If you are looking to start a new project, now is the time to get things moving.  This is an abundant card offering opportunity and success. You have reached a turning point, from now the only way is up!

Libra– 7 Cups – Conflict between your dreams and your fears may be at the forefront this month, you may feel you are in a stalemate situation because you are afraid of making the wrong decision, plan and be brave, something has to shift.  You may want to look at what is holding you back of what is fuelling your fear of change, nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

Scorpio– King of Pentacles – do you feel a need to change some part of your life, are you stuck in a rut? Stop taking life so seriously, time to have some fun and be a little extravagant, it will do you the power of good! If you are thinking about a career change now is a good time to take action.

Sagittarius– The Emperor – Inner strength and leadership is key this month. Look out for opportunities which may change your life for the better. A feeling of confidence will embrace you which will hold you in good stead for any decision making.

Capricorn-10 Wands – Pressure at work or seeking a new career path may feel stressful this month.   Hold off taking on added responsibility until next month, things need to calm down and will become clearer and more fluid after this period.

Aquarius – The Fool – If you feel like you are stuck in a rut, the Fool energy will inspire you to be a little frivolous this month.  Any opportunities should be examined with care, read the small print and trust your intuition before making any major decisions.

Pisces– Page of Swords – Nervous energy surrounds you this month, you need to find time to be quiet, meditate if you can to restore calm and collected thoughts.  This may also be a message to cut free from responsibilities which no longer serve you, think about it, there is too much going on.