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17/8/2016 = 25 The Chariot (It’s all a bid odd)

I am worried about me, ok nothing major but somehow there has been a huge shift, I feel like I have been on a journey with the Chariot and reached my destination.

From my last posts you will know that I have been very hurt by someone I trusted. After far too many tears I have pulled myself together and am back on track, this time with a vengeance.    We all have the choice to make decisions to have a wonderful life or a ‘blame everyone else society’. I choose to be the person I wish I could have been 20 years ago, it is never too late and despite the words of vicious gossip ringing in my ears from time to time, I am ok, I know I have only ever tried to do my best.   My book Wellbeing Weight Loss and Wisdom through Tarot’ allowed me to reveal some dark secrets. As I typed, tears literally flowed on to the keyboard as old memories stirred.  However, it now feels strangely empowering to say those things and let go. Even more important is the response I have had from people who have downloaded the book, telling me their stories and never believing they could share and that it is ok to release the ties that bind.

The Tarot Diet is amazing if I say so myself, the cards motivate me each day and keep me on track with food intake.  I am constantly busy in the kitchen making up recipes, with no disasters to date.  In fact I am becoming quite inventive in making food interesting and healthy.  I still have a couple of places on the 3rd September workshop if you are ready to change your life. Email me if you have questions

new book cover

I have just written a new workshop, which I am very excited about, I’ve lost all my excess holiday weight and looking forward to the next 20lbs disappearing from my body. The bike is out the shed and I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful place by the sea where taking the bike out is safe and joyful. 5k a day so far, just hoping the weather does not turn as I am a fair weather rider, but who knows maybe even that will change.