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December TarotScopes Get Ready for 2018!

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December Tarot Scope by Kim Arnold 2017

Pisces- Queen of Pentacles – If you have had to be frugal with your finances, it is time for a little indulgence, after all you deserve it! You may be thinking about home or career changes in 2018. Plan ahead and don’t be afraid to take a risk.

Aries- 8 Swords – Have fun over the festive period and make a resolution for a fresh start in the new year. You may feel under pressure of late and this is a time to relax a little. The answers to your problems will become clear, though you might have to make sacrifices.

Taurus- 10 Swords – You mind is working overtime and your thoughts are all over the place. Surrender yourself by releasing the burdens which are holding you back. This is a perfect time to deal head on with your worries or anything which burdens you ready to embrace the new energy of 2018.

Gemini- 2 Pentacles – Are you doing too much, is the constant juggling of daily life getting you down. Do you need to restructure your day so that you are not constantly chasing your tail? This is a good time to look at your finances and see where savings can be made and make a plan as to how you can make 2018 better and not repeat old negative patterns.

Cancer-6 Cups – Friendship and family matters take priority this month. Maybe you are planning a family Christmas dinner or party. The energy of this card suggest you need to pick up the phone, send an e mail or write a letter to an old friend, there is someone you have neglected and the time is now right to reconnect.

Leo- 2 Wands – Planning a holiday, change of job or possibly a move may be on your mind as part of major changes for 2018. Look at how you can make a difference now, you need to break away from your routine, a change of scenery is needed. You have been over thinking and not acting, be careful of deliberating too long or another year will fly by!

Virgo- Ace of Cups – Are you allowing blessings to flow in to your life or are you blocking what is truly meant to be yours by thinking negatively? If you allow your mind to think only positive thoughts, the energy of this card will bring many blessings to you. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Libra- 4 Swords – Although this is a busy and sociable time of year, it is important you take time out over the festive period to recharge your batteries. 2017 has been a year of challenges for you, wind down and recharge your batteries ready for the changes that 2018 will bring.

Scorpio- 7 wands – If there is a disagreement brewing around you and you feel like you need to voice your concerns, remember some battles are worth fighting for, others just cause trouble. Be honest with yourself about your motives in matters of conflict before taking action. Finally if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything, situations often pass as quickly as they present themselves.

Sagittarius- 5 Swords – Conflict and difficult issues may require attention. The situations you have been ignoring or putting to the back of your mind will need to be dealt with. Try not to over think things and make your problems bigger than they are. There is also no need to be over extravagant this Christmas, keep within your budget, this will start your 2018 on a financial stress free note.

Capricorn- Justice – Something is out of balance and needs to be put right. Look at your options, it may even involve legal dealings or the signing of papers, don’t delay, the message is for you to tie up loose ends before you start the new year can only be of a benefit to you.

Aquarius – 9 Pentacles – If you are experiencing a difficult time, look back on 2017 and see how much you have actually accomplished. The ground work has been done for new projects and ideas to come to fruition in 2018, but you have to take action, make sure you are looking hard enough for direction.