12 Nov 2016

Do you want to shift a few pounds before Christmas?  Join me for the Tarot Food Plan day, a 22 quick shift programme to get rid of unwanted weight

Kent, Kent CT7 9PS United Kingdom
24 Nov 2016
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An evening of relaxation and meditation a time to rest and connect with your inner

Kent, Kent CT7 9PS United Kingdom
20 May 2017

Now in our third year, a ‘come and go’ event featuring great tarot speakers, workshops both free and more in depth paid for, and a chance

Gillespie Park
London, N5 1PH United Kingdom


Author, Teacher, Advisor, Meditations & Development, Workshops, Readings & Guidance …

Kim Arnold is a professional Teacher and Reader of Tarot, founder of the UK Tarot Conference, Psychic Café network and Hay House author, Kim is also the author of the accompanying book to Victoria Frances Gothic Oracle (Lo Scarabeo).

Kim has consulted as a tarot specialist at Pinewood Studios and on location on the Universal Studio movie ‘The Wolf Man’ supporting Geraldine Chaplin advising her how to use the tarot as preparation for her film role.  Kim has been aware of her psychic abilities since she was a child. Her readings are uplifting, motivating, positive and reassuring, even when it may feel like the odds are against her client’s, her cards help to guide them through life’s challenges to find a better way forward.

Tarot 3D

UK Tarot Conference 2014

uk tarot conference 2014 

Last year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the conference and I was stunned that we exceeded the number of people attending this year, we truly are an international conference with attendees flying in from every corner of the world.  Click here

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